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Code Gradients: Towards Automated Traceability of LLM-Generated Code

North, Marc; Atapour-Abarghouei, Amir; Bencomo, Nelly


Marc North
PGR Student Doctor of Philosophy


Large language models (LLMs) have recently seen huge growth in capability and usage. Within software engineering, LLMs are increasingly being used by developers to generate code. Code generated by an LLM can be seen essentially a continuous mapping from requirements to code. This represents a great opportunity within requirements engineering to use this mapping to provide traceability from requirements to LLM-generated code. The challenge is that the black-box nature of LLMs makes it difficult to trace requirements, while traditional approaches require extensive post-hoc testing or expert analysis. In this research preview, we explore the use of LLM explainability techniques to trace LLM-generated code back to requirements. By inspecting the gradients of LLM output, we develop a first attempt at tracing LLM inputs through to its generated code. We use this to estimate which low-level requirements have been met. Furthermore, through an automated iterative process, we re-query the LLM, instructing it to rewrite its code to meet the missing requirements. Our results suggest that the gradients of LLM outputs can be used to trace requirements through LLM code generation and that this traceability could potentially be used to improve generated code to better meet requirements. Future work is required to fully validate this result, but this represents a first step towards automatic traceability and verification of AI generated code.


North, M., Atapour-Abarghouei, A., & Bencomo, N. (in press). Code Gradients: Towards Automated Traceability of LLM-Generated Code.

Conference Name 2024 IEEE 32nd International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE)
Conference Location Reykjavik, Iceland
Start Date Jun 24, 2024
End Date Jun 28, 2024
Acceptance Date Mar 22, 2024
Deposit Date May 7, 2024
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Keywords Index Terms-Requirements Engineering; Large Language Models; Traceability
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