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Transiting UAVs in aerial mesh networks

Tu, Wanqing



There are many studies employing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to support Internet connectivity. Particularly, in geographically isolated regions that are outside of the coverage of modern communication infrastructure, UAVs can form a one-time-cost aerial mesh network facilitating services such as human rescue, battling wildfires, videography, and more.

Such aerial networks often need to deal with UAVs’ mobility to meet application expectations such as capturing scenes from different viewing angles, zooming in/out, and so on. While UAVs move to carry out tasks, they often need to stay connected to the aerial network in order to share information. It is therefore necessary to handle UAV transitions seamlessly — to maintain continuous network connectivity during movement — in aerial mesh networks.


Tu, W. (2023). Transiting UAVs in aerial mesh networks. [Blog Post]

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Publication Date Feb 28, 2023
Deposit Date Oct 10, 2023
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