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Clifford, Rebecca; Gildea, Robert; Mark, James


Robert Gildea

James Mark


Robert Gildea

James Mark

Anette Warring


This chapter presents the diverse ways in which a range of activists they make sense of their journeys into activism across Europe. The focus is on how many factors—the legacies of the Second World War, the Cold War context, encounters with poverty or exclusion, confrontations with institutional authority, and moral, political or sexual crises—are bound up together, in varying combinations, in the biographical self-understanding of activists. Activists have a fundamental task: to make sense of the beginning of their revolt by bringing the individual life and the collective struggle together in a narrative, justifying the decision or commitment to become an activist, and explaining the pathway into revolt in relation to broader life experience


Clifford, R., Gildea, R., & Mark, J. (2013). Awakenings. In R. Gildea, J. Mark, & A. Warring (Eds.), Europe's 1968: Voices of Revolt (20-45). Oxford University Press.

Online Publication Date Jun 13, 2013
Publication Date 2013-06
Deposit Date Oct 3, 2023
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 20-45
Book Title Europe's 1968: Voices of Revolt
Chapter Number 1
ISBN 9780199587513
Public URL