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Biophysical insights from supported lipid patches

Miller, Ethan; Stubbington, Liam; Dinet, Celine; Staykova, Margarita


Ethan Miller

Liam Stubbington

Celine Dinet


Aleš Iglič

Michael Rappolt

Ana J. García-Sáez


Supported lipid bilayer (SLB) patches have emerged in recent years as a convenient system to study membrane-substrate interactions, membrane mechanics, and interaction of membranes with other molecules, due to the possibility of tracking their area changes in response to various stimuli. In this paper, we present protocols for the formation of SLB patches on glass and polydimethylsiloxane substrates via vesicle fusion, describe the interaction forces between the lipid membrane and the substrate, and discuss the force dependence on the buffer composition, membrane lipid species, the surface properties of the substrate. Following that, we present own and others results that utilize SLB patches to study 1) membrane sorption of cholesterol, peptides and other surface active molecules, 2) the effects of the substrate on lipid phase separation, and 3) the mechanics of substrate-adhered lipid membranes and their biophysical implications. Finally we discuss methods to obtain SLB patches of more complex composition and geometry.


Miller, E., Stubbington, L., Dinet, C., & Staykova, M. (2019). Biophysical insights from supported lipid patches. In A. Iglič, M. Rappolt, & A. J. García-Sáez (Eds.), Advances in Biomembranes and Lipid Self-Assembly (23-48). Elsevier.

Acceptance Date Jan 16, 2019
Online Publication Date Feb 20, 2019
Publication Date 2019
Deposit Date Mar 27, 2019
Publisher Elsevier
Pages 23-48
Series Number 29
Book Title Advances in Biomembranes and Lipid Self-Assembly.