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Constraining CP-violating Higgs sectors at the LHC using gluon fusion

Dolan, Matthew J.; Harris, Philip; Jankowiak, Martin; Spannowsky, Michael

Constraining CP-violating Higgs sectors at the LHC using gluon fusion Thumbnail


Matthew J. Dolan

Philip Harris

Martin Jankowiak


We investigate the constraints that the LHC can set on a 126 GeV Higgs boson that is an admixture of CP eigenstates. Traditional analyses rely on Higgs couplings to massive vector bosons, which are suppressed for CP-odd couplings, so that these analyses have limited sensitivity. Instead we focus on Higgs production in gluon fusion, which occurs at the same order in αS for both CP-even and -odd Higgs couplings to top quarks. We study the Higgs plus two jet final state followed by Higgs decay into a pair of tau leptons. We show that using the 8 TeV data set it is possible to rule out the pure CP-odd hypothesis in this channel alone at nearly 95% C.L, assuming that the Higgs is CP-even. We also provide projected limits for the 14 TeV LHC run.


Dolan, M. J., Harris, P., Jankowiak, M., & Spannowsky, M. (2014). Constraining CP-violating Higgs sectors at the LHC using gluon fusion. Physical Review D, 90(7), Article 073008.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Oct 21, 2014
Deposit Date Dec 12, 2014
Publicly Available Date Apr 27, 2015
Journal Physical Review D
Print ISSN 1550-7998
Electronic ISSN 1550-2368
Publisher American Physical Society
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 90
Issue 7
Article Number 073008


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Copyright Statement
Reprinted with permission from the American Physical Society: Physical Review D 90, 073008 © 2014 by the American Physical Society. Readers may view, browse, and/or download material for temporary copying purposes only, provided these uses are for noncommercial personal purposes. Except as provided by law, this material may not be further reproduced, distributed, transmitted, modified, adapted, performed, displayed, published, or sold in whole or part, without prior written permission from the American Physical Society.

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