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Towards an Understanding of the Correlations in Jet Substructure

Adams, D.; Arce, A.; Asquith, L.; Backovic, M.; Barillari, T.; Berta, P.; Bertolini, D.; Buckley, A.; Butterworth, J.; Camacho Toro, R.C.; Caudron, J.; Chien, Y.-T.; Cogan, J.; Cooper, B.; Curtin, D.; Debenedetti, C.; Dolen, J.; Eklund, M.; El Hedri, S.; Ellis, S.D.; Embry, T.; Ferencek, D.; Ferrando, J.; Fleischmann, S.; Freytsis, M.; Giulini, M.; Han, Z.; Hare, D.; Harris, P.; Hinzmann, A.; Hoing, R.; Hornig, A.; Jankowiak, M.; Johns, K.; Kasieczka, G.; Kogler, R.; Lampl, W.; J., A.; Lee, C.; Leone, R.; Loch, P.; Lopez Mateos, D.; Lou, H.K.; Low, M.; Maksimovic, P.; Marchesini, I.; Marzani, S.; Masetti, L.; McCarthy, R.; Menke, S.; Miller, D.W.; Mishra, K.; Nachman, B.; Nef, P.; O’Grady, F.T.; Ovcharova, A.; Picazio, A.; Pollard, C.; Potter-Landua, B.; Potter, C.; Rappoccio, S.; Rojo, J.; Rutherfoord, J.; Salam, G.P.; Schabinger, R.M.; Schwartzman, A.; Schwartz, M.D.; Shuve, B.; Sinervo, P.; Soper, D.; Sosa Corral, D.E.; Spannowsky, M.; Strauss, E.; Swiatlowski, M.; Thaler, J.; Thoma...

Towards an Understanding of the Correlations in Jet Substructure Thumbnail


D. Adams

A. Arce

L. Asquith

M. Backovic

T. Barillari

P. Berta

D. Bertolini

A. Buckley

J. Butterworth

R.C. Camacho Toro

J. Caudron

Y.-T. Chien

J. Cogan

B. Cooper

D. Curtin

C. Debenedetti

J. Dolen

M. Eklund

S. El Hedri

S.D. Ellis

T. Embry

D. Ferencek

J. Ferrando

S. Fleischmann

M. Freytsis

M. Giulini

Z. Han

D. Hare

P. Harris

A. Hinzmann

R. Hoing

A. Hornig

M. Jankowiak

K. Johns

G. Kasieczka

R. Kogler

W. Lampl

A. J.

C. Lee

R. Leone

P. Loch

D. Lopez Mateos

H.K. Lou

M. Low

P. Maksimovic

I. Marchesini

S. Marzani

L. Masetti

R. McCarthy

S. Menke

D.W. Miller

K. Mishra

B. Nachman

P. Nef

F.T. O’Grady

A. Ovcharova

A. Picazio

C. Pollard

B. Potter-Landua

C. Potter

S. Rappoccio

J. Rojo

J. Rutherfoord

G.P. Salam

R.M. Schabinger

A. Schwartzman

M.D. Schwartz

B. Shuve

P. Sinervo

D. Soper

D.E. Sosa Corral

E. Strauss

M. Swiatlowski

J. Thaler

C. Thomas

E. Thompson

N.V. Tran

J. Tseng

E. Usai

L. Valery

J. Veatch

M. Vos

W. Waalewijn

J. Wacker

C. Young


Over the past decade, a large number of jet substructure observables have been proposed in the literature, and explored at the LHC experiments. Such observables attempt to utilize the internal structure of jets in order to distinguish those initiated by quarks, gluons, or by boosted heavy objects, such as top quarks and W bosons. This report, originating from and motivated by the BOOST2013 workshop, presents original particle-level studies that aim to improve our understanding of the relationships between jet substructure observables, their complementarity, and their dependence on the underlying jet properties, particularly the jet radius and jet transverse momentum. This is explored in the context of quark/gluon discrimination, boosted W boson tagging and boosted top quark tagging.


Adams, D., Arce, A., Asquith, L., Backovic, M., Barillari, T., Berta, P., …Young, C. (2015). Towards an Understanding of the Correlations in Jet Substructure. The European Physical Journal C, 75(9), Article 409.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Jul 30, 2015
Online Publication Date Sep 9, 2015
Publication Date Sep 9, 2015
Deposit Date Nov 10, 2016
Publicly Available Date Mar 15, 2017
Journal European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields
Print ISSN 1434-6044
Electronic ISSN 1434-6052
Publisher SpringerOpen
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 75
Issue 9
Article Number 409


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Copyright Statement
This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative<br /> Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (http://creativecomm<br />, which permits unrestricted use, distribution,<br /> and reproduction in any medium, provided you give appropriate credit<br /> to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative<br /> Commons license, and indicate if changes were made.<br /> Funded by SCOAP3.

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