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The evolution of disc galaxies

Cole, Shaun M.; Baugh, Carlton; Frenk, Carlos; Lacey, Cedric; Benson, Andrew


Shaun M. Cole

Andrew Benson


We briefly describe the physical processes that are included in our semi–analytic model of hierarchical galaxy formation. We review some of the low redshift properties of one such model constructed assuming a ∧CDM cosmology. We examine the evolutionary paths of typical bright disc galaxies in this model. This case study serves to illustrate the generic features of galaxy evolution in hierarchical models. It is demonstrated that the richness of galaxy evolution in this model is hidden when one looks at the evolution of global properties such as the galaxy luminosity function. We also quantify a generic prediction of hierarchical galaxy formation, namely that galaxies were physically smaller in the past. This model is consistent with recent high redshift observations and the reported evolution of galaxy sizes lends general support to hierarchical galaxy formation.


Cole, S. M., Baugh, C., Frenk, C., Lacey, C., & Benson, A. (2000). The evolution of disc galaxies. .

Conference Name Discussion Meeting on ‘The formation of galaxies’
Conference Location Durham
Publication Date 2000-07
Publisher The Royal Society
Volume 358
Pages 2093-2107
Series Title Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A
Series Number 1772
Publisher URL