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Hegel's Philosophy of Right



Hegel's Philosophy of Right presents a collection of new essays by leading international philosophers and Hegel scholars that analyze and explore Hegel's key contributions in the areas of ethics, politics, and the law. •The most comprehensive collection on Hegel's Philosophy of Right available. It features new essays by leading international Hegel interpreters divided in sections of ethics, politics, and law. The book presents significant new research on Hegel's Philosophy of Right that will set a new standard for future work on the topic.


Brooks, T. (Ed.). (2012). Hegel's Philosophy of Right. Blackwell

Book Type Edited Book
Publication Date 2012
Deposit Date Nov 16, 2012
Publisher Blackwell
Keywords 19th Century philosophy, ethics, Hegel, law, recognition, politics
Publisher URL,descCd-tableOfContents.html
Additional Information Reviewed in Choice and Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

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