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Handbook for the GREAT08 Challenge: An image analysis competition for cosmological lensing

Bridle, Sarah; Shawe-Taylor, John; Amara, Adam; Applegate, Douglas; Balan, Sreekumar T.; Berge, Joel; Bernstein, Gary; Dahle, Hakon; Erben, Thomas; Gill, Mandeep; Heavens, Alan; Heymans, Catherine; High, F. William; Hoekstra, Henk; Jarvis, Mike; Kirk, Donnacha; Kitching, Thomas; Kneib, Jean-Paul; Kuijken, Konrad; Lagatutta, David; Mandelbaum, Rachel; Massey, Richard; Mellier, Yannick; Moghaddam, Baback; Moudden, Yassir; Nakajima, Reiko; Paulin-Henriksson, Stephane; Pires, Sandrine; Rassat, Anais; Refregier, Alexandre; Rhodes, Jason; Schrabback, Tim; Semboloni, Elisabetta; Shmakova, Marina; Van Waerbeke, Ludovic; Witherick, Dugan; Voigt, Lisa; Wittman, David

Handbook for the GREAT08 Challenge: An image analysis competition for cosmological lensing Thumbnail


Sarah Bridle

John Shawe-Taylor

Adam Amara

Douglas Applegate

Sreekumar T. Balan

Joel Berge

Gary Bernstein

Hakon Dahle

Thomas Erben

Mandeep Gill

Alan Heavens

Catherine Heymans

F. William High

Henk Hoekstra

Mike Jarvis

Donnacha Kirk

Thomas Kitching

Jean-Paul Kneib

Konrad Kuijken

David Lagatutta

Rachel Mandelbaum

Yannick Mellier

Baback Moghaddam

Yassir Moudden

Reiko Nakajima

Stephane Paulin-Henriksson

Sandrine Pires

Anais Rassat

Alexandre Refregier

Jason Rhodes

Tim Schrabback

Elisabetta Semboloni

Marina Shmakova

Ludovic Van Waerbeke

Dugan Witherick

Lisa Voigt

David Wittman


The GRavitational lEnsing Accuracy Testing 2008 (GREAT08) Challenge focuses on a problem that is of crucial importance for future observations in cosmology. The shapes of distant galaxies can be used to determine the properties of dark energy and the nature of gravity, because light from those galaxies is bent by gravity from the intervening dark matter. The observed galaxy images appear distorted, although only slightly, and their shapes must be precisely disentangled from the effects of pixelisation, convolution and noise. The worldwide gravitational lensing community has made significant progress in techniques to measure these distortions via the Shear TEsting Program (STEP). Via STEP, we have run challenges within our own community, and come to recognise that this particular image analysis problem is ideally matched to experts in statistical inference, inverse problems and computational learning. Thus, in order to continue the progress seen in recent years, we are seeking an infusion of new ideas from these communities. This document details the GREAT08 Challenge for potential participants. Please visit for the latest information.


Bridle, S., Shawe-Taylor, J., Amara, A., Applegate, D., Balan, S. T., Berge, J., …Wittman, D. (2009). Handbook for the GREAT08 Challenge: An image analysis competition for cosmological lensing. Annals of Applied Statistics, 3(1), 6-37.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Mar 1, 2009
Deposit Date Mar 21, 2013
Publicly Available Date May 6, 2015
Journal Annals of Applied Statistics
Print ISSN 1932-6157
Electronic ISSN 1941-7330
Publisher Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 3
Issue 1
Pages 6-37


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