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44Ti gamma-ray emission lines from SN1987A reveal an asymmetric explosion

Boggs, S.E.; Harrison, F.A.; Miyasaka, H.; Grefenstette, B.W.; Zoglauer, A.; Fryer, C.L.; Reynolds, S.P.; Alexander, D.M.; An, H.; Barret, D.; Christensen, F.E.; Craig, W.W.; Forster, K.; Giommi, P.; Hailey, C.J.; Hornstrup, A.; Kitaguchi, T.; Koglin, J.E.; Madsen, K.K.; Mao, P.H.; Mori, K.; Perri, M.; Pivovaroff, M.J.; Puccetti, S.; Rana, V.; Stern, D.; Westergaard, N.J.; Zhang, W.W.


S.E. Boggs

F.A. Harrison

H. Miyasaka

B.W. Grefenstette

A. Zoglauer

C.L. Fryer

S.P. Reynolds

H. An

D. Barret

F.E. Christensen

W.W. Craig

K. Forster

P. Giommi

C.J. Hailey

A. Hornstrup

T. Kitaguchi

J.E. Koglin

K.K. Madsen

P.H. Mao

K. Mori

M. Perri

M.J. Pivovaroff

S. Puccetti

V. Rana

D. Stern

N.J. Westergaard

W.W. Zhang


In core-collapse supernovae, titanium-44 (44Ti) is produced in the innermost ejecta, in the layer of material directly on top of the newly formed compact object. As such, it provides a direct probe of the supernova engine. Observations of supernova 1987A (SN1987A) have resolved the 67.87- and 78.32–kilo–electron volt emission lines from decay of 44Ti produced in the supernova explosion. These lines are narrow and redshifted with a Doppler velocity of ~700 kilometers per second, direct evidence of large-scale asymmetry in the explosion.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Apr 8, 2015
Publication Date May 8, 2015
Deposit Date May 15, 2015
Journal Science
Print ISSN 0036-8075
Electronic ISSN 1095-9203
Publisher American Association for the Advancement of Science
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 348
Issue 6235
Pages 670-671
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