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Implications of bond disorder in a S=1 kagome lattice

Manson, Jamie L.; Brambleby, Jamie; Goddard, Paul A.; Spurgeon, Peter M.; Villa, Jacqueline A.; Liu, Junjie; Ghannadzadeh, Saman; Foronda, Francesca; Singleton, John; Lancaster, Tom; Clark, Stewart J.; Thomas, Iorwerth O.; Xiao, Fan; Williams, Robert C.; Pratt, Francis L.; Blundell, Stephen J.; Topping, Craig V.; Baines, Christopher; Campana, Charles; Noll, Bruce

Implications of bond disorder in a S=1 kagome lattice Thumbnail


Jamie L. Manson

Jamie Brambleby

Paul A. Goddard

Peter M. Spurgeon

Jacqueline A. Villa

Junjie Liu

Saman Ghannadzadeh

Francesca Foronda

John Singleton

Iorwerth O. Thomas

Fan Xiao

Robert C. Williams

Francis L. Pratt

Stephen J. Blundell

Craig V. Topping

Christopher Baines

Charles Campana

Bruce Noll


Strong hydrogen bonds such as F···H···F offer new strategies to fabricate molecular architectures exhibiting novel structures and properties. Along these lines and, to potentially realize hydrogen-bond mediated superexchange interactions in a frustrated material, we synthesized [H2F]2[Ni3F6(Fpy)12][SbF6]2 (Fpy = 3-fluoropyridine). It was found that positionally-disordered H2F+ ions link neutral NiF2(Fpy)4 moieties into a kagome lattice with perfect 3-fold rotational symmetry. Detailed magnetic investigations combined with density-functional theory (DFT) revealed weak antiferromagnetic interactions (J ~ 0.4 K) and a large positive-D of 8.3 K with ms = 0 lying below ms = ±1. The observed weak magnetic coupling is attributed to bond-disorder of the H2F+ ions which leads to disrupted Ni-F···H-F-H···F-Ni exchange pathways. Despite this result, we argue that networks such as this may be a way forward in designing tunable materials with varying degrees of frustration.


Manson, J. L., Brambleby, J., Goddard, P. A., Spurgeon, P. M., Villa, J. A., Liu, J., …Noll, B. (2018). Implications of bond disorder in a S=1 kagome lattice. Scientific Reports, 8(1), Article 4745.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Mar 2, 2018
Online Publication Date Mar 16, 2018
Publication Date Mar 16, 2018
Deposit Date Mar 19, 2018
Publicly Available Date Mar 23, 2018
Journal Scientific Reports
Publisher Nature Research
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 8
Issue 1
Article Number 4745


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