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Response to correspondence from the ESSA Statement authors

Martin Ginis, K.A.; Van Der Scheer, J.W.; Latimer-Cheung, A.E.; Barrow, A.; Bourne, C.; Carruthers, P.; Bernardi, M.; Ditor, D.S.; Gaudet, S.; De Groot, S.; Hayes, K.C.; Hicks, A.L.; Leicht, C.A.; Lexell, J.; MacAluso, S.; Manns, P.J.; McBride, C.B.; Noonan, V.; Pomerleau, P.; Rimmer, J.H.; Shaw, R.B.; Smith, B.; Smith, K.M.; Steeves, J.; Tussler, D.; West, C.R.; Wolfe, D.L.; Goosey-Tolfrey, V.L.


K.A. Martin Ginis

J.W. Van Der Scheer

A.E. Latimer-Cheung

A. Barrow

C. Bourne

P. Carruthers

M. Bernardi

D.S. Ditor

S. Gaudet

S. De Groot

K.C. Hayes

A.L. Hicks

C.A. Leicht

J. Lexell

S. MacAluso

P.J. Manns

C.B. McBride

V. Noonan

P. Pomerleau

J.H. Rimmer

R.B. Shaw

J. Steeves

D. Tussler

C.R. West

D.L. Wolfe

V.L. Goosey-Tolfrey


Martin Ginis, K., Van Der Scheer, J., Latimer-Cheung, A., Barrow, A., Bourne, C., Carruthers, P., …Goosey-Tolfrey, V. (2018). Response to correspondence from the ESSA Statement authors. Spinal Cord, 56(4), 409-411.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date 2018
Deposit Date Sep 6, 2019
Journal Spinal Cord
Print ISSN 1362-4393
Publisher Springer Nature [academic journals on]
Volume 56
Issue 4
Pages 409-411