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Neuroanatomical substrates accounting for the effect of present hedonistic time perspective on risk preference: the mediating role of right posterior parietal cortex

Xu, Ting; Chen, Zhiyi; Sirois, Fuschia M.; Zhang, Rong; Yang, Yaqi; Feng, Tingyong


Ting Xu

Zhiyi Chen

Rong Zhang

Yaqi Yang

Tingyong Feng


The preference for taking risk troubles people across multiple domains including health, economics, and social well-being. Prior research has demonstrated that risk preference can be influenced by time perspective (TP). However, little is known about the neural substrates underlying the effect of TP on risk preference. Here, we used a voxel-based morphometry (VBM) method across two samples to address this question. In Sample 1, the behavioral results showed a positive correlation between present hedonistic TP (PHTP) and gambling rate (the index of risk preference), indicating the higher PHTP, the greater the preference for risk. Subsequently, the whole-brain VBM results found that gambling rate was negatively correlated with the gray matter (GM) volume of a cluster in the right posterior parietal cortex (rPPC). The PHTP score was also negatively related to the GM volume of another cluster in the rPPC. We then examined an overlapping region in the rPPC using a conjunction analysis method. The GM volume of this overlapping brain region was related to both PHTP score and gambling rate. Finally, the mediation analysis found that the GM volume of overlapping region in rPPC played a role in explaining the effect of PHTP on risk preference. This result was also reproduced and validated in another independent sample. Taken together, our findings manifest that the structural variation of rPPC can account for the influence that PHTP has upon the risk preference.

Journal Article Type Article
Online Publication Date Feb 14, 2020
Publication Date 2020
Deposit Date Jul 4, 2022
Journal Brain Imaging and Behavior
Print ISSN 1931-7557
Electronic ISSN 1931-7565
Publisher Springer
Volume 15
Issue 1
Public URL