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CUBES: a UV spectrograph for the future

Covino, S.; Cristiani, S.; Alcala', J.M.; Alencar, S.H.P.; Balashev, S.A.; Barbuy, B.; Bastian, N.; Battino, U.; Bissell, L.; Bristow, P.; Calcines, A.; Calderone, G.; Cambianica, P.; Carini, R.; Carter, B.; Cassisi, S.; Castilho, B.V.; Cescutti, G.; Christlieb, N.; Cirami, R.; Conzelmann, R.; Coretti, I.; Cooke, R.; Cremonese, G.; Cunha, K.; Cupani, G.; da Silva, A.R.; D'Auria, D.; De Caprio, V.; De Cia, A.; Dekker, H.; D'Elia, V.; De Silva, G.; Diaz, M.; Di Marcantonio, P.; D'Odorico, V.; Ernandes, H.; Evans, C.; Fitzsimmons, A.; Franchini, M.; Gaensicke, B.; Genoni, M.; Giribaldi, R.E.; Gneiding, C.; Grazian, A.; Hansen, C.J.; Hopgood, J.; Kosmalski, J.; La Forgia, F.; La Penna, P.; Landoni, M.; Lazzarin, M.; Lunney, D.; Maciel, W.; Marcolino, W.; Marconi, M.; Migliorini, A.; Miller, C.; Modigliani, A; Noterdaeme, P.; Oggioni, L.; Opitom, C.; Pariani, G.; Pilecki, B.; Piranomonte, S.; Quirrenbach, A.; Redaelli, E.M.A.; Pereira, C.B.; Randich, S.; Rossi, S.; Sanchez-Janssen, R.; Scho...

CUBES: a UV spectrograph for the future Thumbnail


S. Covino

S. Cristiani

J.M. Alcala'

S.H.P. Alencar

S.A. Balashev

B. Barbuy

N. Bastian

U. Battino

L. Bissell

P. Bristow

G. Calderone

P. Cambianica

R. Carini

B. Carter

S. Cassisi

B.V. Castilho

G. Cescutti

N. Christlieb

R. Cirami

R. Conzelmann

I. Coretti

R. Cooke

G. Cremonese

K. Cunha

G. Cupani

A.R. da Silva

D. D'Auria

V. De Caprio

A. De Cia

H. Dekker

V. D'Elia

G. De Silva

M. Diaz

P. Di Marcantonio

V. D'Odorico

H. Ernandes

C. Evans

A. Fitzsimmons

M. Franchini

B. Gaensicke

M. Genoni

R.E. Giribaldi

C. Gneiding

A. Grazian

C.J. Hansen

J. Hopgood

J. Kosmalski

F. La Forgia

P. La Penna

M. Landoni

M. Lazzarin

D. Lunney

W. Maciel

W. Marcolino

M. Marconi

A. Migliorini

C. Miller

A Modigliani

P. Noterdaeme

L. Oggioni

C. Opitom

G. Pariani

B. Pilecki

S. Piranomonte

A. Quirrenbach

E.M.A. Redaelli

C.B. Pereira

S. Randich

S. Rossi

R. Sanchez-Janssen

M. Schoeller

W. Seifert

R. Smiljanic

C. Snodgrass

O. Squalli

I. Stilz

J. Stuermer

A. Trost

E. Vanzella

P. Ventura

O. Verducci

C. Waring

S. Watson

M. Wells

D. Wright

T. Zafar

A. Zanutta

G. Zins


In spite of the advent of extremely large telescopes in the UV/optical/NIR range, the current generation of 8-10m facilities is likely to remain competitive at ground-UV wavelengths for the foreseeable future. The Cassegrain U-Band Efficient Spectrograph (CUBES) has been designed to provide high-efficiency (>40%) observations in the near UV (305-400 nm requirement, 300-420 nm goal) at a spectral resolving power of R>20,000, although a lower-resolution, sky-limited mode of R ~ 7,000 is also planned. CUBES will offer new possibilities in many fields of astrophysics, providing access to key lines of stellar spectra: a tremendous diversity of iron-peak and heavy elements, lighter elements (in particular Beryllium) and light-element molecules (CO, CN, OH), as well as Balmer lines and the Balmer jump (particularly important for young stellar objects). The UV range is also critical in extragalactic studies: the circumgalactic medium of distant galaxies, the contribution of different types of sources to the cosmic UV background, the measurement of H2 and primordial Deuterium in a regime of relatively transparent intergalactic medium, and follow-up of explosive transients. The CUBES project completed a Phase A conceptual design in June 2021 and has now entered the Phase B dedicated to detailed design and construction. First science operations are planned for 2028. In this paper, we briefly describe the CUBES project development and goals, the main science cases, the instrument design and the project organization and management.


Covino, S., Cristiani, S., Alcala', J., Alencar, S., Balashev, S., Barbuy, B., …Zins, G. (2022). CUBES: a UV spectrograph for the future. .

Conference Name HACK100: Past, Present and Future of Astrophysical Spectroscopy
Conference Location Trieste, Italy
Start Date Jun 6, 2022
End Date Jun 10, 2022
Publication Date 2022-06
Deposit Date Jan 17, 2023
Publicly Available Date Jan 17, 2023
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