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The Religious Life of Palmyra. A Study of the Social Patterns of Worship in the Roman Period

Kaizer, Ted



This study of the social patterns of worship in Palmyra (Syria) investigates how aspects of the city’s religious life contributed to the way in which its society was built up and worked. The validity of the model of ‘civic’ vs ‘tribal’ forms of worship (wrongly based upon a sociopolitical model from the Roman period) is reconsidered, and a revised classification of the divine world of Palmyra is proposed and made visible in a detailed analysis of the city’s sanctuaries and cults. In addition, a fresh and methodical re-evaluation of the relevant sources provides new insights into the complexities of both the ritual activities in Palmyra and of the way in which the various groups of worshippers, priests and benefactors served as markers in Palmyrene society.

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date 2002
Deposit Date Mar 26, 2008
Publisher Franz Steiner Verlag
Series Title Oriens et Occidens
Keywords Palmyra, Religion, Bilingualism, Rituals.
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