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Religious Education: Educating for Diversity

Barnes, LP; Davis, A


LP Barnes


Religious Education: Educating for Diversity raises issues that are central to the theory and practice of education, and in particular religious education, in modern liberal democracies characterized by diversity in its different forms. What kind of religious education is best equipped both to challenge prejudice and intolerance in society and to develop responsible and respectful relationships between people from different communities or with different commitments? Two eminent educators address this question and propose contrasting answers. Attention is given to the aims of education and the contribution of religious education to the curriculum; historical forms of religious education; the nature of diversity in society; the roots of prejudice; different methodologies in religious education and their philosophical and religious commitments; and to positive strategies to enable religious education to realise its potential and contribute to the social and moral aims of liberal education.


Barnes, L., & Davis, A. (2015). Religious Education: Educating for Diversity. Bloomsbury

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date 2015
Deposit Date Sep 8, 2015
Publisher Bloomsbury