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Hydroxide, polymer supported.

Ley, S.V.; Baxendale, I.R.; Lee, A.-L.


S.V. Ley

A.-L. Lee


(the reagent is used as a base, a source of nucleophilic hydroxide, or a scavenger in a wide array of reactions1) Alternate Name: quaternary ammonium hydroxide anion exchange resin, Amberlite IRA-400 (OH− form), Amberlite IRA 420 (OH− form), Amberlite IRA 410 (OH− form), Amberlite IRN-150, Amberlite IRA 900 (OH− form), Amberlite IRA 904 (OH− form), Amberlite IRA 910 (OH− form), Amberlite A5836, Amberlyst A26 (OH− form), Ambersep 900, Dowex-1 (OH− form), Dowex-3 (OH− form), Dowex 1-X4 (OH− form), Dowex 1-I 9880, Dowex 1-I0131, Dowex 550 A (OH− form), Amberjet 4400. Form Supplied in: available on a variety of polystyrene-divinylbenzene cross-linked supports of both macroreticular and gel-type ion exchange resins. The reagent can be obtained with a range of basicities (pH) broadly characterized as weakly basic to strongly basic resins. The standard commercial form comes as large spherical beads (up to 4 mm in diameter) usually supplied with a water content of 30–60% by mass. Purification: elute and wash with suitable solvents prior to use and dry under vacuum if required. Handling, Storage, and Precautions: irritant; wear suitable protective clothing. Deactivates upon prolonged exposure to air by absorption of carbon dioxide. Decomposition of the tetraalkyl moiety can occur with strong acids/bases, oxidants and high temperatures.

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Publication Date 2003
Deposit Date Jun 17, 2014
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Edition: Online database