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Challenges for Research in e-Assessment.

Ridgway, J.; McCusker, S.


S. McCusker


A number of research activities are described that are needed to support the development of e-assessment designed to support the progress of of the EU. We identify challenges that will shape the design of many e-assessment systems, notably that the goals of the EU are changing rapidly, as is the software environment in which we work. In particular, new software types (such as mashups and folksonomies) serve to redefine our ideas on what is worth knowing, and what is worth being able to do. We describe research activities under three headings. "Researching the Basics" sets out some obvious targets for research, such as establishing construct validity, ensuring test security, defending against plagiarism and ensuring appropriate access to all users. "Immediate Impact Research" describes important topics that are already the subject of ongoing research that should be explored further, and argues for an ethnographic approach to the uses and impact of new assessment systems. "Impact 'Soon' Research" identifies research topics based on emerging software, and includes ideas such as 'open web' examinations, and a variety of ways that artifical intelligence could be applied. We believe that A1 approaches offer ways to solve some difficult assessment challenges.


Ridgway, J., & McCusker, S. (2009). Challenges for Research in e-Assessment. JRC

Report Type Other
Online Publication Date Jan 19, 2009
Publication Date 2009-01
Pages 85-96
Series Title Towards a Research Agenda on Computer-based Assessment.
Additional Information Type: n/a
Subtype: n/a