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Dr Frederick Li

Sketching-Based Skeleton Generation (2010)
Conference Proceeding
Zheng, Q., Li, F. L., & Lau, R. (2010). Sketching-Based Skeleton Generation. In 2010 3rd IEEE International Conference on Ubi-Media Computing (U-Media 2010), 5-6 July 2010, Jinhua, China (179-186).

Articulated character animation can be performed by manually creating and rigging a skeleton into an unfolded 3D object. Such tasks are not trivial, as it requires a substantial amount of training and practices. Although methods have been proposed to... Read More about Sketching-Based Skeleton Generation.

An Adaptive Course Generation Framework (2010)
Journal Article
Li, F., Lau, R., & Dharmendran, P. (2010). An Adaptive Course Generation Framework. International Journal of Distance Education Technologies, 8(3), 74-85.

Existing adaptive e-learning methods are supported by student (user) profiling for capturing student characteristics, and course structuring for organizing learning materials according to topics and levels of difficulties. Adaptive courses are then g... Read More about An Adaptive Course Generation Framework.