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Mohenjo-daro’s sewers

Mughal, M.A.Z.

Mohenjo-daro’s sewers Thumbnail


M.A.Z. Mughal


Kevin Murray McGeough


Almost all historians today regard the sewage system of Mohenjo-daro as the largest and best-built sanitation system among contemporary urban centers. It is easily comparable with present-day drainage systems of South Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. Even today in most of Pakistan and India the same model of drainage is followed what was used in Mohenjo-daro. This indicates the advanced engineering and urban planning of the Indus Valley civilization.


Mughal, M. (2011). Mohenjo-daro’s sewers. In K. M. McGeough (Ed.), World history encyclopedia (121-122). ABC-CLIO

Publication Date Jan 1, 2011
Deposit Date Jul 10, 2013
Publicly Available Date Jul 11, 2013
Pages 121-122
Series Number 3
Book Title World history encyclopedia.
ISBN 9781851099290
Keywords Indus valley civilization, Pakistan, South Asia, Mohenjo-daro, ancient city planning, sewers, environmental history
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Copyright Statement
World History Encyclopedia by Alfred J. Andrea, General Editor
Carolyn Neel, Associate General Editor and Volume Editor. Copyright © 2011 by ABC-CLIO, LLC. Reproduced with permission of ABC-CLIO, LLC, Santa Barbara, CA.

Photo 'Great Bath at Mohenjo-daro' courtesy of Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, Harappa Archaeological Research Project (HARP)

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