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Adaptive Radiation

Elton, S.

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A. Fuentes


Adaptive radiation is the rapid diversification, from a single common ancestor, of a group of species whose members exhibit a diverse array of adaptations and occupy different ecological niches. Numerous adaptive radiations are evident in the primates, past and present, with two of the best-studied examples being the lemurs of Madagascar and the Neotropical platyrrhines. However, radiations are not always “adaptive” and there is still considerable scope for exploring in detail the evolutionary processes that led to radiation, adaptive or not, in modern and fossil primate taxa.


Elton, S. (2017). Adaptive Radiation. In A. Fuentes (Ed.), The international encyclopedia of primatology. John Wiley and Sons.

Acceptance Date Dec 14, 2015
Online Publication Date Apr 16, 2017
Publication Date Apr 16, 2017
Deposit Date Dec 14, 2015
Publicly Available Date Feb 2, 2016
Book Title The international encyclopedia of primatology.


Accepted Book Chapter (334 Kb)

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Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons.

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