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Shattering Lives and Myths: A Report on Image-Based Sexual Abuse

McGlynn, Clare; Rackley, Erika; Johnson, Kelly; Henry, Nicola; Flynn, Asher; Powell, Anastasia; Gavey, Nicola; Scott, Adrian

Shattering Lives and Myths: A Report on Image-Based Sexual Abuse Thumbnail


Erika Rackley

Nicola Henry

Asher Flynn

Anastasia Powell

Nicola Gavey

Adrian Scott


Image-based sexual abuse is a pervasive and pernicious form of sexual abuse. We use the term ‘image-based sexual abuse’ to refer to a broad range of abusive behaviours including the taking and/or distribution of nude or sexual images without consent, including threats to do so, which includes so-called ‘revenge porn’, ‘upskirting’, fakeporn, sexual extortion and videos of sexual assaults and rapes. This report draws on interviews with 25 victim-survivors of image-based sexual abuse and over 25 stakeholders, including police, policy-makers, lawyers and survivor organisations conducted over a six-month period in 2018.


McGlynn, C., Rackley, E., Johnson, K., Henry, N., Flynn, A., Powell, A., …Scott, A. (2019). Shattering Lives and Myths: A Report on Image-Based Sexual Abuse. Australian Research Council (ARC)

Report Type Project Report
Online Publication Date Jul 1, 2019
Publication Date Jul 1, 2019
Deposit Date Jul 17, 2019
Publicly Available Date Jul 17, 2019
Publisher URL
Additional Information Additional Information: The UK report from an Australian Research Council funded project examining Image-Based Sexual Abuse across Australia, New Zealand and the UK, led by Nicola Henry with Asher Flynn, Nicola Gavey, Kelly Johnson, Clare McGlynn, Anastasia Powell, Erika Rackley and Adrian Scott. Professor Clare McGlynn, Durham University Professor Erika Rackley, University of Kent Assistant Professor Kelly Johnson, Durham University.
Publisher: Durham University; University of Kent
Type: monograph
Subtype: project_report


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