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A possible association of the new VHE γ-ray source HESS J1825–137 with the pulsar wind nebula G 18.0–0.7.

Aharonian, FA; Akhperjanian, AG; Bazer-Bachi, AR; Beilicke, M; Benbow, W; Berge, D; Bernlohr, K; Boisson, C; Bolz, O; Borrel, V; Braun, I; Breitling, F; Brown, AM; Chadwick, PM; Chounet, LM; Cornils, R; Costamante, L; Degrange, B; Dickinson, HJ; Djannati-Atai, A; Drury, LO; Dubus, G; Emmanoulopoulos, D; Espigat, P; Feinstein, F; Fontaine, G; Fuchs, Y; Funk, S; Gallant, YA; Giebels, B; Gillessen, S; Glicenstein, JF; Goret, P; Hadjichristidis, C; Hauser, M; Heinzelmann, G; Henri, G; Hermann, G; Hinton, JA; Hofmann, W; Holleran, M; Horns, D; Jacholkowska, A; de Jager, OC; Khelifi, B; Komin, N; Konopelko, A; Latham, IJ; Le Gallou, R; Lemiere, A; Lemoine-Goumard, M; Leroy, N; Lohse, T; Martin, JM; Martineau-Huynh, O; Marcowith, A; Masterson, C; McComb, TJL; de Naurois, M; Nolan, SJ; Noutsos, A; Orford, KJ; Osborne, JL; Ouchrif, M; Panter, M; Pelletier, G; Pita, S; Puhlhofer, G; Punch, M; Raubenheimer, BC; Raue, M; Raux, J; Rayner, SM; Reimer, A; Reimer, O; Ripken, J; Rob, L; Rolland, L; Row...


FA Aharonian

AG Akhperjanian

AR Bazer-Bachi

M Beilicke

W Benbow

D Berge

K Bernlohr

C Boisson

O Bolz

V Borrel

I Braun

F Breitling

AM Brown

LM Chounet

R Cornils

L Costamante

B Degrange

HJ Dickinson

A Djannati-Atai

LO Drury

G Dubus

D Emmanoulopoulos

P Espigat

F Feinstein

G Fontaine

Y Fuchs

S Funk

YA Gallant

B Giebels

S Gillessen

JF Glicenstein

P Goret

C Hadjichristidis

M Hauser

G Heinzelmann

G Henri

G Hermann

JA Hinton

W Hofmann

M Holleran

D Horns

A Jacholkowska

OC de Jager

B Khelifi

N Komin

A Konopelko

IJ Latham

R Le Gallou

A Lemiere

M Lemoine-Goumard

N Leroy

T Lohse

JM Martin

O Martineau-Huynh

A Marcowith

C Masterson

TJL McComb

M de Naurois

A Noutsos

KJ Orford

M Ouchrif

M Panter

G Pelletier

S Pita

G Puhlhofer

M Punch

BC Raubenheimer

M Raue

J Raux

SM Rayner

A Reimer

O Reimer

J Ripken

L Rob

L Rolland

G Rowell

V Sahakian

L Sauge

S Schlenker

R Schlickeiser

C Schuster

U Schwanke

M Siewert

H Sol

D Spangler

R Steenkamp

C Stegmann

JP Tavernet

R Terrier

CG Theoret

M Tluczykont

G Vasileiadis

C Venter

P Vincent

HJ Volk

SJ Wagner


We report on a possible association of the recently discovered very high-energy γ-ray source HESS J1825–137 with the pulsar wind nebula (commonly referred to as G 18.0–0.7) of the 2.1 × 104 year old Vela-like pulsar PSR B1823–13. HESS J1825–137 was detected with a signifi- cance of 8.1σ in the Galactic Plane survey conducted with the HESS instrument in 2004. The centroid position of HESS J1825–137 is offset by 11 south of the pulsar position. XMM-Newton observations have revealed X-ray synchrotron emission of an asymmetric pulsar wind nebula extending to the south of the pulsar. We argue that the observed morphology and TeV spectral index suggest that HESS J1825–137 and G 18.0– 0.7 may be associated: the lifetime of TeV emitting electrons is expected to be longer compared to the XMM-Newton X-ray emitting electrons, resulting in electrons from earlier epochs (when the spin-down power was larger) contributing to the present TeV flux. These electrons are expected to be synchrotron cooled, which explains the observed photon index of ∼2.4, and the longer lifetime of TeV emitting electrons naturally explains why the TeV nebula is larger than the X-ray size. Finally, supernova remnant expansion into an inhomogeneous medium is expected to create reverse shocks interacting at different times with the pulsar wind nebula, resulting in the offset X-ray and TeV γ-ray morphology.


Aharonian, F., Akhperjanian, A., Bazer-Bachi, A., Beilicke, M., Benbow, W., Berge, D., …Wagner, S. (2005). A possible association of the new VHE γ-ray source HESS J1825–137 with the pulsar wind nebula G 18.0–0.7. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 442(3), L25-L29.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date 2005-11
Journal Astronomy and astrophysics.
Print ISSN 0004-6361
Electronic ISSN 1432-0746
Publisher EDP Sciences
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 442
Issue 3
Pages L25-L29
Keywords ISM : plerions; ISM : individual objects : PSR B1823-13, HESSJ1825-137, G 18.0-0.7; gamma-rays : observationsGALACTIC PLANE; NEUTRON-STARS; PSR B1823-13; EMISSION; REMNANTS;SYSTEM; YOUNG