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A search for very high energy gamma-ray emission from the starburstgalaxy NGC253 with HESS

Aharonian, F; Akhperjanian, AG; Bazer-Bachi, AR; Beilicke, M; Benbow, W; Berge, D; Bernlohr, K; Boisson, C; Bolz, O; Borrel, V; Braun, I; Breitling, F; Brown, AM; Chadwick, PM; Chounet, LM; Cornils, R; Costamante, L; Degrange, B; Dickinson, HJ; Djannati-Atai, A; Drury, LO; Dubus, G; Emmanoulopoulos, D; Espigat, P; Feinstein, F; Fontaine, G; Fuchs, Y; Funk, S; Gallant, YA; Giebels, B; Gillessen, S; Glicenstein, JF; Goret, P; Hadjichristidis, C; Hauser, M; Heinzelmann, G; Henri, G; Hermann, G; Hinton, JA; Hofmann, W; Holleran, M; Horns, D; Jacholkowska, A; de Jager, OC; Khelifi, B; Komin, N; Konopelko, A; Latham, IJ; Le Gallou, R; Lemiere, A; Lemoine-Goumard, M; Leroy, N; Lohse, T; Martin, JM; Martineau-Huyn, O; Marcowith, A; Masterson, C; McComb, TJL; de Naurois, M; Nolan, SJ; Noutsos, A; Orford, KJ; Osborne, JL; Ouchrif, M; Panter, M; Pelletier, G; Pita, S; Puhlhofer, G; Punch, M; Raubenheimer, BC; Raue, M; Raux, J; Rayner, SM; Reimer, A; Reimer, O; Ripken, J; Rob, L; Rolland, L; Rowel...


F Aharonian

AG Akhperjanian

AR Bazer-Bachi

M Beilicke

W Benbow

D Berge

K Bernlohr

C Boisson

O Bolz

V Borrel

I Braun

F Breitling

AM Brown

LM Chounet

R Cornils

L Costamante

B Degrange

HJ Dickinson

A Djannati-Atai

LO Drury

G Dubus

D Emmanoulopoulos

P Espigat

F Feinstein

G Fontaine

Y Fuchs

S Funk

YA Gallant

B Giebels

S Gillessen

JF Glicenstein

P Goret

C Hadjichristidis

M Hauser

G Heinzelmann

G Henri

G Hermann

JA Hinton

W Hofmann

M Holleran

D Horns

A Jacholkowska

OC de Jager

B Khelifi

N Komin

A Konopelko

IJ Latham

R Le Gallou

A Lemiere

M Lemoine-Goumard

N Leroy

T Lohse

JM Martin

O Martineau-Huyn

A Marcowith

C Masterson

TJL McComb

M de Naurois

A Noutsos

KJ Orford

M Ouchrif

M Panter

G Pelletier

S Pita

G Puhlhofer

M Punch

BC Raubenheimer

M Raue

J Raux

SM Rayner

A Reimer

O Reimer

J Ripken

L Rob

L Rolland

G Rowell

V Sahakian

L Sauge

S Schlenker

R Schlickeiser

C Schuster

U Schwanke

M Siewert

H Sol

D Spangler

R Steenkamp

C Stegmann

JP Tavernet

R Terrier

CG Theoret

M Tluczykont

G Vasileiadis

C Venter

P Vincent

HJ Volk

SJ Wagner


We present the result of 28 h of observations of the nearby starburst galaxy NGC 253 with the HESS$\,$detector in 2003. We find no evidence for very high energy $\gamma$-ray emission from this object. Gamma-ray emission above 400 GeV from NGC 253 had been reported by the CANGAROO collaboration in 2002. From the HESS$\,$data we derive upper limits on the flux above 300 GeV of $1.9\,\times\,10^{-12}$ photons cm-2 s-1 for a point-like source and $6.3\,\times\,10^{-12}$ photons cm-2 s-1 for a source of radius 0.5$^{\circ}$ as reported by CANGAROO, both at a confidence level of 99%. These upper limits are inconsistent with the spectrum reported by CANGAROO. The expected very high energy $\gamma$-ray emission from this object is discussed in the framework of a galactic wind propagation model.


Aharonian, F., Akhperjanian, A., Bazer-Bachi, A., Beilicke, M., Benbow, W., Berge, D., …Wagner, S. (2005). A search for very high energy gamma-ray emission from the starburstgalaxy NGC253 with HESS. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 442(1), 177-183.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date 2005-10
Journal Astronomy and astrophysics.
Print ISSN 0004-6361
Electronic ISSN 1432-0746
Publisher EDP Sciences
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 442
Issue 1
Pages 177-183
Keywords gamma-rays : observations; galaxies : starburst; galaxies : individualobjects : NGC253ATMOSPHERIC CHERENKOV TELESCOPES; CHANDRA OBSERVATIONS; OPTICAL-SYSTEM;NGC-253; M82; HALO; DRIVEN; M31