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The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey: Initial results fromoptical and near-infrared imaging

Giavalisco, M; Ferguson, HC; Koekemoer, AM; Dickinson, M; Alexander, DM; Bauer, FE; Bergeron, J; Biagetti, C; Brandt, WN; Casertano, S; Cesarsky, C; Chatzichristou, E; Conselice, C; Cristiani, S; Da Costa, L; Dahlen, T; de Mello, D; Eisenhardt, P; Erben, T; Fall, SM; Fassnacht, C; Fosbury, R; Fruchter, A; Gardner, JP; Grogin, N; Hook, RN; Hornschemeier, AE; Idzi, R; Jogee, S; Kretchmer, C; Laidler, V; Lee, KS; Livio, M; Lucas, R; Madau, P; Mobasher, B; Moustakas, LA; Nonino, M; Padovani, P; Papovich, C; Park, Y; Ravindranath, S; Renzini, A; Richardson, M; Riess, A; Rosati, P; Schirmer, M; Schreier, E; Somerville, RS; Spinrad, H; Stern, D; Stiavelli, M; Strolger, L; Urry, CM; Vandame, B; Williams, R; Wolf, C


M Giavalisco

HC Ferguson

AM Koekemoer

M Dickinson

FE Bauer

J Bergeron

C Biagetti

WN Brandt

S Casertano

C Cesarsky

E Chatzichristou

C Conselice

S Cristiani

L Da Costa

T Dahlen

D de Mello

P Eisenhardt

T Erben

SM Fall

C Fassnacht

R Fosbury

A Fruchter

JP Gardner

N Grogin

RN Hook

AE Hornschemeier

R Idzi

S Jogee

C Kretchmer

V Laidler

KS Lee

M Livio

R Lucas

P Madau

B Mobasher

LA Moustakas

M Nonino

P Padovani

C Papovich

Y Park

S Ravindranath

A Renzini

M Richardson

A Riess

P Rosati

M Schirmer

E Schreier

RS Somerville

H Spinrad

D Stern

M Stiavelli

L Strolger

CM Urry

B Vandame

R Williams

C Wolf

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date 2004-01
Journal Astrophysical Journal
Print ISSN 0004-637X
Publisher American Astronomical Society
Volume 600
Issue 2
Pages L93-L98
Keywords cosmology : observations; galaxies : distances and redshifts; galaxies: evolution; galaxies : formationFIELD-SOUTH; X-RAY; GALAXY; PHOTOMETRY; NORTH
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