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A White Paper on keV sterile neutrino Dark Matter

Adhikari, R. Agostini; M. Ky, N.A. Araki; T. Archidiacono, M. Bahr; M. Baur, J. Behrens; J. Bezrukov, F. Bhupal; Dev P.S. Borah, D. Boyarsky; A. de Gouvea, A. de S. Pires; C.A. de Vega, H.J. Dias; A.G. Di, Bari; P. Djurcic, Z. Dolde; K. Dorrer, H. Durero; M. Dragoun, O. Drewes; M. Drexlin, G. Düllmann; C.E. Eberhardt, K. Eliseev; S. Enss, C. Evans; N.W. Faessler, A. Filianin; P. Fischer, V. Fleischmann; A. Formaggio, J.A. Franse; J. Fraenkle, F.M. *Frenk; C.S. Fuller, G. Gastaldo; L. Garzilli, A. Giunti; C. Glück, F. Goodman; M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, M.C. Gorbunov; D. Hamann, J. Hannen; V. Hannestad, S. Hansen; S.H. Hassel, C. Heeck; J. Hofmann, F. Houdy; T. Huber, A. Iakubovskyi; D. Ianni, A. Ibarra; A. Jacobsson, R. Jeltema; T. Jochum, J. Kempf; S. Kieck, T. Korzeczek; M. Kornoukhov, V. Lachenmaier; T. Laine, M. Langacker; P. Lasserre, T. Lesgourgues; J. Lhuillier, D. Li; Y.F. Liao, W. Long; A.W. Maltoni, M. Mangano; G. Mavromatos, N.E. Menci; N. Merle, A. Mertens; S. Mirizzi, A. Monrea...

A White Paper on keV sterile neutrino Dark Matter Thumbnail


R. Agostini Adhikari

N.A. Araki M. Ky

M. Bahr T. Archidiacono

J. Behrens M. Baur

F. Bhupal J. Bezrukov

D. Boyarsky Dev P.S. Borah

A. de S. Pires A. de Gouvea

H.J. Dias C.A. de Vega

Bari A.G. Di

Z. Dolde P. Djurcic

H. Durero K. Dorrer

O. Drewes M. Dragoun

G. Düllmann M. Drexlin

K. Eliseev C.E. Eberhardt

C. Evans S. Enss

A. Filianin N.W. Faessler

V. Fleischmann P. Fischer

J.A. Franse A. Formaggio

F.M. *Frenk J. Fraenkle

G. Gastaldo C.S. Fuller

A. Giunti L. Garzilli

F. Goodman C. Glück

M.C. Gorbunov M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia

J. Hannen D. Hamann

S. Hansen V. Hannestad

C. Heeck S.H. Hassel

F. Houdy J. Hofmann

A. Iakubovskyi T. Huber

A. Ibarra D. Ianni

R. Jeltema A. Jacobsson

J. Kempf T. Jochum

T. Korzeczek S. Kieck

V. Lachenmaier M. Kornoukhov

M. Langacker T. Laine

T. Lesgourgues P. Lasserre

D. Li J. Lhuillier

W. Long Y.F. Liao

M. Mangano A.W. Maltoni

N.E. Menci G. Mavromatos

A. Mertens N. Merle

A. Monreal S. Mirizzi

A. Neronov B. Nozik

V. Novikov A. Niro

L. Otten Y. Oberauer

N. Pallavicini E. Palanque-Delabrouille

V.S. Papastergis M. Pantuev

S. *Pascoli E. Parke

S. Patwardhan S. Pastor

A. Radford A. Pilaftsis

P.C.-O. Rest D.C. Ranitzsch

D.J. Rodrigues da Silva O. Robinson

O. Sanchez P.S. Ruchayskiy

M. *Saviano N.G. Sasaki

A. Schneider N. Schneider

T. Schönert F. Schwetz

S. Shankar S. Scholl

R. Steinbrink F. Shrock

L. Suekane N. Strigari

B. Takahashi F. Suerfu

N.T.H. Tkachev R. Van

M. Tsai I. Totzauer

C.G. Valerius Y. Tully

J.W.F. Venos K. Valle

M. Vivier D. Viel

M.Y. Weinheimer M. Wang

K. Winslow C. Wendt

J. Wurm L. Wolf

Z. Zhou M. Xing

K. S. Zuber



We present a comprehensive review of keV-scale sterile neutrino Dark Matter, collecting views and insights from all disciplines involved—cosmology, astrophysics, nuclear, and particle physics—in each case viewed from both theoretical and experimental/observational perspectives. After reviewing the role of active neutrinos in particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology, we focus on sterile neutrinos in the context of the Dark Matter puzzle. Here, we first review the physics motivation for sterile neutrino Dark Matter, based on challenges and tensions in purely cold Dark Matter scenarios. We then round out the discussion by critically summarizing all known constraints on sterile neutrino Dark Matter arising from astrophysical observations, laboratory experiments, and theoretical considerations. In this context, we provide a balanced discourse on the possibly positive signal from X-ray observations. Another focus of the paper concerns the construction of particle physics models, aiming to explain how sterile neutrinos of keV-scale masses could arise in concrete settings beyond the Standard Model of elementary particle physics. The paper ends with an extensive review of current and future astrophysical and laboratory searches, highlighting new ideas and their experimental challenges, as well as future perspectives for the discovery of sterile neutrinos.


Adhikari, R. A., M. Ky, N. A., T. Archidiacono, M. B., M. Baur, J. B., J. Bezrukov, F. B., Dev P.S. Borah, D. B., …S. Zuber, K. (2017). A White Paper on keV sterile neutrino Dark Matter. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 2017(1), Article 025.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Oct 26, 2016
Online Publication Date Jan 13, 2017
Publication Date Jan 13, 2017
Deposit Date Jun 5, 2017
Publicly Available Date Jan 13, 2018
Journal Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
Publisher IOP Publishing
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 2017
Issue 1
Article Number 025


Accepted Journal Article (9.2 Mb)

Copyright Statement
This is an author-created, un-copyedited version of an article published in Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics. IOP Publishing Ltd is not responsible for any errors or omissions in this version of the manuscript or any version derived from it. The Version of Record is available online at 10.1088/1475-7516/2017/01/025

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