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Behavior Analysis of Learning Methods to Overcome Stress or Pressure on Learning Situation

Kaneko, Kosuke; Wang, Jingyun


Kosuke Kaneko


This paper discusses about learning methods to overcome stress or pressure. We had an experiment in which learners were given a quiz game for each learner to need responsibility for their team. Each learner was also given learning time for the game so as not to make mistakes for their team, which was supposed a stressful learning situation. Before they had the experiment, they designed several learning methods to overcome the stressful situation and actually used the methods in the learning time. After the experiment, they discussed about effectiveness of their methods and made reports about it. The quiz game was provided as a mobile application running on a tablet device. The application recorded log data of their operation during the quiz game. We analyzed effectiveness of their learning methods by comparing contents of the reports as subjective data with the log data as objective data. The finding from the analytical result was that the learning methods giving a little stress or pressure to a learner brought out higher learning performance rather than the methods giving relaxation.


Kaneko, K., & Wang, J. (2018). Behavior Analysis of Learning Methods to Overcome Stress or Pressure on Learning Situation. .

Presentation Conference Type Conference Paper (Published)
Conference Name 2018 7th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAI-AAI)
Start Date Jul 8, 2018
End Date Jul 13, 2018
Online Publication Date Apr 18, 2019
Publication Date 2018
Deposit Date Jul 15, 2021
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Pages 256-260
ISBN 978-1-5386-7448-2
Public URL