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The Cultural Study of Music: A Critical Introduction


Trevor Herbert

Richard Middleton


Clayton, M., Herbert, T., & Middleton, R. (Eds.). (2003). The Cultural Study of Music: A Critical Introduction. Routledge

Book Type Edited Book
Publication Date Jan 1, 2003
Deposit Date Sep 29, 2010
Publisher Routledge
ISBN 04159384578
Publisher URL
Additional Information The Cultural Study of Music is a collection of essays covering many aspects of the conjunction between music and culture. The volume, which originated in discussions of the Musics and Cultures Research Group, is edited by Martin Clayton, Trevor Hebert (both of the Open University) and Richard Middleton (University of Newcastle), and contains contributions from 26 outstanding scholars from across the world. The book is intended for a wide readership, including academics and students on music, anthropology, cultural studies and other related programmes, as well as interested amateurs: it is presented in an accessible fashion, with minimal use of footnotes and brief lists of suggested reading at the end of each thematic chapter. Publication details: Martin Clayton, Trevor Herbert and Richard Middleton, eds. The cultural study of music: a critical introduction. New York and London: Routledge (2003) 384 pages. ISBN 0-415-93844-9 (hardback), ISBN 0-415-93845-7 (paperback). Contents: Introduction: Music Studies and the Idea of Culture - Richard Middleton PART 1 MUSIC AND CULTURE Music and Bio-cultural Evolution - Ian Cross, Musicology, Anthropology, History - Gary Tomlinson, Music and Culture: Historiographies of Disjuncture - Philip Bohlman, Comparing Music, Comparing Musicology - Martin Clayton, Music and Social Categories - John Shepherd, Music and Mediation: Towards a New Sociology of Music - Antoine Hennion, Music and Everyday Life - Simon Frith, Music, Culture and Creativity - Jason Toynbee, Music and Psychology - Eric Clarke, Subjectivity Rampant! Music, Hermeneutics and History - Lawrence Kramer, Is Historical Musicology Still Possible? - Rob Wegman, Social History and Music History - Trevor Herbert PART 2 ISSUES AND DEBATES Musical Autonomy Revisited - David Clarke, Textual Analysis or Thick Description?- Jeff Todd Titon, Music, Experience and the Anthropology of Emotion - Ruth Finnegan, Musical Materials, Perception and Listening - Nicola Dibben, Music as Performance - Nicholas Cook, Of Mice and Dogs: Music, Gender and Sexuality at the Long Fin-de-siècle - Ian Biddle, Contesting Difference: A Critique of Africanist Ethnomusicology - Kofi Agawu, What a Difference a Name Makes: Two Instances of African-American Popular Music - David Brackett, Locating the People: Music and the Popular - Richard Middleton, Music Education, Cultural Capital and Social Group Identity - Lucy Green, The Cultural Study of Musical Instruments - Kevin Dawe, The Destiny of 'Diaspora' in Ethnomusicology - Mark Slobin, Globalization and the Politics of World Music - Martin Stokes, Music and the Market: The Economics of Music in the Modern World - Dave Laing, References Notes on Contributors Index